Engineering Club of   Gordon State College











Membership      rules























A.      Executive Members

 All executive members must:

1.   Be nominated and elected by the members of the club.

2.   Must be currently enrolled.

3.   Candidates for the position of president and vice-president must have a cumulative G.P.A at least of 3.0

4.   Must not be on academic probation or any kind of disciplinary probation.

5.   Must be enrolled for a minimum of 10 hours per semester.


B.      Members

All members must:

1.      Be  science majors or a closely selected area

2.      Currently enrolled.

3.      Must have a cumulative G.P.A. of least 2.5

4.      Must be enrolled for a minimum of 10 hours per semester.


C.      Membership Process

1.      Students interested in becoming members should see any of the executive officers or the club supervisor.

2.      In a situation where any of the executive officials cannot be located, the student may either send an email or contact any of the other engineering club members who will in turn get to the executive officers when accessible.